Cider making

If you’ve been a cider fan since way back or have recently been introduce to this exciting beverage via the many new producers on the commercial market you should at some stage try ferment up your own. Whether you want to start out with a simple apple concentrate kit , partial pulp ferment with apple – pear mix or go the full hands on crush….CELLAR PLUS can setup up with a small start kit or all they way with juice plant to run 2-10 ton per day….

From fermenters to tanks and small manual apple press to continuous belt and bladder presses we have it all . Our Italian and German brands are some of the best on the market . Our in store team can show you how easy it is to create the bestciders using our easy to follow kits.

If you are new to the brewing process or would like to know the more advanced steps as used by commercial cider producers , then consider attending one of our short cider courses so you can improve your efforts and show your mates how good HOME BREW can get to the commercial grades.

Like you, when you make an awesome beer you want to boast and tell the world that you’re a legend and get the mates over for tasting…. Well , we also want to share with you our triumphs and the occasional near miss disasters that have been going down at the brewing @ cellar Plus HQ with the staff and customers.

So if your keen to be part of our community also , follow us on facebook and twitter and we will share our latest in store recipes , supplier deals , customer brew of the month and any tasting days we have planned instore..

So like us, as we love you and we will keep sending out great vip offers and special notes on all things brewing..

Salute from the CP fellas