Used Equipment to BUY & SELL

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As we often have commercial and hobby customers looking to either upgrade equipment to either a bigger or better designed gear, our sales team also assists clients to either source or sell off their older equipment to make space for their delivery. These can often be a great buy for someone looking to purchase a decent product at lower market rate.

Equipment sellers

If you no longer use your equipment for what ever reason, or have recently upgraded you older gear so need to clear out some space in the shed, why not send you enquiry via our contact us section requesting a copy of our classified template guide sheet ( include your full  contact details and location of equipment)
This will explain the process we used to sell your equipment via our web , showroom and wholesale network.  We have had good success in the past as we have an extensive customer list and visitors to our site looking for good equipment deals sold in as is condition.  The process very simple and it saves having too many interested parties visiting your private home, as its fully online  and we arrange all the details with clients until sold . ( Yes , we take a small commission on sale as we are selling your equipment in preference to stock we have on our showroom floor…  all is fair and payment safe)

Equipment buyers

SSteel tanks 100-100000 lt

So if you would like to see what other used equipment deals we currently have on please click the link below…….

Other popular products often available are used wine barrels for wine or furniture , wine tanks , grape destemmers , s/steel fittings , filter systems , meat slicers and assorted food equipment and pumps and much more. Or complete Café equipment or home winemaking bundles and packaged deals.