Cheese Making

Cheese making is an amazing process that allows even small producers to value add and turn milk with starter cultures into a product that is truly unique . With the help of our easy to use cheese making kits and some basic cooking equipment you might already have at home can get started producing a range of Italian hard and fresh cheeses, brie, camerbert and ricotta and many more..

Like with all new processes , it’s better for a novice to see the process in action and get a feel for the timing required to first create the milk curds and then finally to form the cheese . So, CELLAR PLUS and its affiliates – SMS Courses team offer a series of SMS SIMPLE courses. These courses will provide you with your first cheese kit, fresh milk from a local farm and a kitchen facility with our equipment to run the cheese master class where you walk away after the 2-3 hour course with your cheese and kit ingredients to make much more later at home.. It’s a fun workshop where you work with others in small groups to review the important steps in cheese making .. With a cheese kit you can produce quality cheeses at 20-80% less than what they can often cost to purchase at your local delil. So, it’s a skill worth learning , but the real value and pleasure is the satisfaction that it is yours.. full flavoured and preservative free …

Cellar Plus , can also provide trade pricing for commercial producers requiring s/steel tanks , pumps, hosing, BSM- British Standard Milk fittings, cheese molds , buckets , cheese presses and laboratory supplies and much more.