Distillation Equipment

If you’re keen to explore the process of distillation, with any purchase you make online we suggest you also bundle in the cart either of our books that explain the important elements in more detail… As you have 2 to 7 days for the primary wash fermentation, it will give you time to enhance your knowledge and legal aspects before you go live….
We have 4 main Classifications of stills to suit the different processes requirements:

1.Copper Pot Stills 1 to 45 lt (Distillare Alambicco – Italy)

  • Distillation of finished wines with fruit skin to produce aromatic grappa and fruit brandy up to 70% Alc v/v.
  • Distillation of fermented malt grains, corn, rye or potato to produce malt whiskies or fresh Vodka styles.
  • Distillationof soaked herbs or infused flowers producingaromatic oils for aromatherapy and perfumes.

2.Reflux Stills 5 to 30 lt ( Pure Distilling- Victoria)

    • Distillation of fermented sugars or wine ( 13-20%) to produce clean neutral spirit up to 93% Alc v/v.

( ( This base when diluted with water is used with flavoured essences and oak to produce unlimited aroma styles from Bourbon whiskeys, Apple Schnapps , chocolate liqueurs and 100 more…. Or used at 93% with infuse lemon skin & glucose to make refreshing – Limoncello di Capri)

3.Commercial Pot Stills100 to 600 lt ( Germany & Italy)

  • Distillation of fermented sugars or wine ( 13-20%) to produce clean neutral spirit up to 70 % Alc v/v
  • These large stills are very favourable amongst commercial wineries who seek to value add the disposed grape skins by-product from the fermentation and produce spirit either as a brand or add as a stabilizer to stop the fermentation in the production port and fortified style wines at 18-21 % Alc v/v
  • These stills are built to order as there are many aspects of the project checklist that must be researched during consultation. Including will the energy source be electric, gas or recycled & re-circulated steam from manufacturing.

4.Distillation For Laboratory Use – Stills 50 ml to5000 ml ( Schott Duran -Germany)

  • These glass stills are mostly used in the Laboratory for research testing of samples or to distil a small volume of dry wine to produce enough of a sample that will allow the winemaker with a calibrated Hydrometer to calculate the final alcohol percentage %V/V that must appear on the current vintage wine label.