Beer Brewing

If you’re searching to make and taste some of the world’s best beers, Cellar Plus is for you! Home brewing is at your finger tips with a large selection of Brew kit concentrates, malt grains and all the requirements for your craft brew set up. With avid brewers on staff we can show you how easy it is to create the best brews using malt extract or grain recipes. Having a party or setting up a bar? Enquire about hiring or purchasing the equipment required to dispense fresh beer from a keg.

If you are new to the brewing process or would like to know the more advanced steps as used by commercial brewers , then consider attending one of our short courses for extract brewing, mini mashing or full grain style. Once you have the base process mastered , there are unlimited beer styles that can be produced. A great hobby to share and enjoy with your mates.


Here at Cellar Plus we stock arrange of home brewing starter kits that we make up similar to the one you will see in the video offered by the coopers brand. We have many customers who prefer to use the traditional glass long neck 640ml bottles with crown top over the plastic bottles in some kits, so we stock both .. So, either way the processing of a basic brew is very similar and you can make decent beer buy using just the tin extract recipe. However, as the cost of making an amazing craft brew is not much extra than just a decent beer , we suggest to aim for greatness. So, try buy the best ingredients you can afford , use malt over sugar, always use some pallet hops for improved freshness and a new superior yeast to give you a cleaner taste…. If need ask some advice or sign up for one of our inhouse course and in no time your craft will be as good as some micro brewed beers.. Give it a go …
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