Company Profile

Cellar Plushas been a part of Melbourne for over 40+ years. Our product range and customer base has always been quite extensive. We continue to provide a comprehensive range of processing equipment,accessories and kitchenware item from around the world.Our customers, from Trade professionals, to home operators looking to pursuing their hobby with a passion, are always able to find a solution to what they were searching for to improve their craft..Plus more. Like,friendlyand informative customer service.

So, for some customers, it’s always been their local!It’s a great place to pick up brewing supplies to create their unique craft beer recipes…It’s a great Central spot for our commercial winery clients or restaurant chefs to drop in to pick up their urgent items as they head out to their country vineyard or Cafe ready for the busy shift ahead.

And… For our many traditional and newbie Urban winemakers and salami makers who follow the calendar months, eagerly waiting for the seasonal and harvest periods to approach..They know,Cellar Plus is the place that has the BEST QUALITY BRAND PRODUCTS and EDUCATION to support their need..

It’s a win-win philosophy between customer and its supplier that has kept Cellar Plus thriving all these years. Customers who have had a great experience from using our products, usually come back for different items or referring other customers saying how our products preformed that much more better than others they had seen. We Offer only great products that represent the best value price on the market. We aim to support products that are easy for our customers to use and durable to last for many years on..

Cellar Plus Price Match Offer
In the case you have seen a better price elsewhere, let us know as We do offer a price match option in most situations, so you can complete all your order items via Cellar Plus knowing you can call or contact us for support at any time.