Wine making

With over 35 years of experience within the wine and Beverage industry our Cellar Plus Buy Direct stores can support all your winemaking equipment needs. We cater from those with a passionate hobby to some of Australia.. largest 40,000 ton wineries with consumables and accessories.

We offer a complete ONE STOP SHOP SERVICE from grape sample presses, grape destemmers, fruit elevator, transfer pumps of all sizes and specialist pressing equipment for the juice extraction processes. Plus, all the necessary parts, fittings and accessories to assist your production and complete your equipment.

Seasonal fruits can make great wines and sparkling Fizz !

Whether its grape season or your favourite fruits are in season , then these all have the potential to make great wines and sweet liqueurs…. It’s a slow process ( a few months) , but worth the wait and a great hands on experience. So, get inspired, gather some friends in the process to assist with the harvest picking ( rewarded them with last season treats) , check out our books or short courses in store , source the required winemaking equipment must have items (plus some helpful advice from us) and get hands on.

If you have trouble sourcing suitable fruit or grapes that might be in season , then a good option is to track down a direct producer… Via our grape vendor info sheets .The fresher you can source the fruit, the better the wine process will flow on.!

CELLAR PLUS also offers a simple in store wine testing and various laboratory analysis services to private and commercial producers of wine and beer. It’s our way of giving you positive feedback and guidance at every stage of the process . It is one of the reasons why customers who shop with us get better results than others … We support you, as you support us .. It’s a win- win..Cheers !

For small batch pressing of grapes or Apples from 20 to 1500kg, the IDRO water bladder press produces higher quality juice than traditional basket press models . Plus, the Cycle time to process is only 10-20 mins.. It’s also a great option for larger wineries to replicate process they produce with their larger airbag presses with their smaller sample batches in the laboratory. Quick to setup, easy to clean and has low running costs. (Narrating is in German only..but its still informative.. English version coming soon)
“check out a great new product – to get better results ! “water blader press..