Our Story

The Cellar Plus STORY – From Its Humble beginning..

to Melbourne’s iconic D.I.Y .Food and wine lovers hot spot

Cellar Plus began its humble operations in 1968 from their home and rear work shop in the industrial parts of Preston, Victoria. With the many European migrants arriving into Melbourne during this period, all eager to carry on their cultural food and winemaking past times, saw an opportunity to meet the market demand by producing artisanhand made grape and food processing equipment as used in Luigi Baggio home country of ITALY.
The First CellarPlus showroom (The Green Room- under the “CASA DEL TORCHIO” banner – meaning “The House of Grape Presses”) was born soon after on VICTORIA Street- North Melbourne, opposite the popular city Queen Victoria Market. During this period, it was a vibrant period where the grape vendors would come to sell their harvest each season to Melbourne Home wine producer.

Being one of the countries original equipment suppliers, CellarPlus has witness many technology and changes in Australia’s wine and food culture.. Through this growth period, allowed CellarPlus to forge the many valuable relationships with some of best Italian suppliers on the market. It was far back then, that set the company culture and philosophy that still flow on strong today to deliver its customers always the best value equipment at the most competitive prices. Many of these quality brands as Fabio Leonardi SRL Meat Mincers and Essedue SRL slicers are still distributed by us today, as producers seek better value in durable equipment designed to perform well.

CellarPlus has witnessed the many growth periods in the industry of the Australian winery and olive groves boom of the 1990′s. During this period saw Stefano Baggio, the second generation ( CP current company CEO) bring new energy to the organization team. The families aim was to further develop its new retail business model and have specialist sales team to service its growing trade clients that included commercial wineries, Breweries, Cider producers, Training facilities and universities, plus a series of distributor/resellers involving in supplying catering equipment and others involved with home brewing supplies.

CellarPlus current trades through its 2 Victorian showrooms in North Melbourne and Epping. Each store represents benchmarks in our industry on a world scale offering one of the largest retail space and product range of quality and entry level equipment for customers to see , touch, test and purchase..

The sales and support team at CellarPlus love what we do, plus we love bringing that passion to work to share it with our customers who are eagar to improve their craft. With your continued support, we hope to keep offering our services for many years to come..

“We ask you to choose our better value products – So, you will enjoy using them and SAVE! “

As part of the world supply chain has changed from artisan European producers to some low cost Asian designs, we hope customers continue to vote with US! To always try invest in quality equipment brands that will last longer, over cheaper internet alternatives than never really satisfy the operators needs as they hoped. ((Remembering, the experience of making the foods and beverages you love to produce, should be fun and easy…. So why bother, with products that end up driving you crazy…) So, While some cheap internet deals act a potential threat to some traditional retail outlets, here at CellarPlus we see it also as an opportunity to reach more customers Australia wide. To give them the “WOW experience-True Value” they really seek to use quality products that make lighter work than anything in its class..

Thank you for your support !

Stefano Baggio  and Team

CELLAR PLUS- Management