Spirit Production

Spirit Production & Essences blending

The craft of Alcohol or aroma distillation is fascinating process one that is appreciated and respected by many… And for others, you canstill be a master blender of fine spirits and liqueurs using the vast range of essences on the market. So using your own bought Vodka or Grappa’s these essences will allow you to transform your bar with the many different styles from Sambuca, Bourbons and whisky. For customers who have explored the license requirements, we do sell small bench and larger commercial stills for producing essential oils or alcohol up to 95%.

If you love the process of alcohol production, there are many books that explain the process and requirements required in different countries of the world. In Australia you can not produce your own Alcohol above 20% v/v without a permit as they are allowed in New Zealand

Making liquers
Lower alcohol liqueurs can also be blended by reducing Vodka with water to 21% and filtering with a Carbon treatment before finally adding the glucose and peach Schnapps essence. Truly the quality is amazing. The exceptional flavours and smooth finish is as equal to that produced by a traditional reflux or POT still . Plus, ‘Ready To Drink’ UDL type spirit mixer drinks ( RTD ‘s) are also another possibility.

See The Amazing Benefits The” home spirit maker”Delivers over other Models.(Nothing else on the market comes close to providing the ease of use, reliability and quality of the Home Spirit MakerWith an all copper construction for smoothness of taste.
- NO waiting around & NO constant adjustments…….Just fill up & go
- Fast — Makes 13 bottles in about 4 hours.
- Pure — Delivers 93% alcohol with smooth flavor at 97% yield

How to setup and run the ULTRA Pure still 30lt