Olive Oil Processing

In the last 15 years, Australia has continued its olive tree planting program to the point we now have extensive regions of trees similar to most parts of Europe. With advancements in processing equipment, along with the passion of Australian producers our olive oil quality is considered one of the highest quality in the world.

Our Company, has a specialist division of Australian Olive Oil Supplies p/l that has been a long time partner supporting this relatively new industry in Australia that competes on a world scale of oil producers with the supply and education of olive oil processing , storage and bottling equipment. As Australian distributors of some of the leading Italian producers, we can support your requirements from small batches to the larger producers.

  • Static Storage tanks with flat or conical bottom 100-20,000 L
  • Portable Oil tanks with closed screw top 3-100lt or conical base 30-2000 L
  • Oil Filtration , Olive oil fillers and olive pickling vessels and much more

Olive oil making

TEM- Toscana Enological Mori have been one of the pioneers of modern olive oil processing with a vast range of products, separators and turn key systems for processing from as low as 30 kh per hour for the small farm operator to the 1500kg / hr large processors needs. The TEM / FIMO products are Easy to setup and operate and reliable over long periods . ( Narrating is in Italian only…but also very informative)

TEM machines

Olive Harvesting Section

The zanon have one of the most comprehensive range of olive rakes on the market. The faster oscillation speed and design makes them one of the most efficient rakes on the market. To see more zanon videos or information about their products