harvesting tools

In order to produce an olive oil that is fresh , robust and valuable , its important not only to harvest in the right period, but to have an efficient picking process to get the olives quickly to the olive processing plant for pressing. Cellar Plus stocks a series of harvesting tools, electric rakes , picking snips, harvesting crates and pallet bins to collect the olives in the field and assist the handling to your production area.

Then, in the off season our pruning tools ,loppers and saws will help make light work in the olive grove or garden to cut and prune your vines where needed.

To make the best cured olives you either can go out directly to the many olive farms all over Australia or to your local markets during the feb-june period and buy by the box. The early harvest olives are usually more green , where as later in the season the olive skin darkens.
So, prepare your self with some storage crates and drums for the olive soak and rinsing process, some salt and your favourite recipe books…. If you need all these items , then you will find them here online at CELLAR PLUS.

Olive harvesting section

The zanon have one of the most comprehensive range of olive rakes on the market. The faster oscillation speed and design makes them one of the most efficient rakes on the market. To see more zanon videos or information about their products please copy this link in a new window tab.