Olive Oil Storage drums

Whether you’re a small or large producer of olive oil , or a consumer requiring drums for the kitchen area , there are numerous options to choose to from to allow safe storage.. From small 3ltdrums to 20,000 L Stainless steel tanks, we have many tank configurations, to suit most applications. Cellar Plus represents some of the best producers in the world, ensuring your quality oils will store well during the period before bottling or consumption. We also stock all the fitting and vessel accessories to complete or customise your vessel to suit your production. ( see our accessories section , for barrel bungs, airlocks , spray balls, sampler, cleaners and more…)
** NEW ** To give ensure maximum freshness during storage , cellar Plus has also developed a Nitrogen gassing kit that allows gas to blanket the olive oil surface. As the operator removes oil from the tank , the inert gas inserts automatically to expel the air that might degrade oil quality. This applications is great where oil will be store for some months or where retail shops offering oil tastings from 1 to 10 tanks in series can ensure tanks are topped with gas. All existing tanks can be modified with lid kit and manifold very quickly.