Laboratory And Testing Tools

Our Cellar Plus Showrooms and online stores prides itself towards offering our customers a complete ‘One Stop Shop’ shopping experience. Hence, our diverse range of Laboratory equipment is no different.Our Cellar Plus showroom stock and special order a vast range of lab supplies, including, wine test kits and Laboratory wine testing service. Including- determination of free sulphur in wines or malic acid and alcohol levels.stock lines include , Inter changablequick fit glassware for wine analysis , beakers, flasks , condensers, Retort stands and clamps. If you require trade or box quantity of a particular product ask for quote or confirm price with you before check as there could be up to 50% off for volume orders. ( ie 1000 test tubes )

From weighing scales, ph meters and reagents, pipettes and flasks, hydrometers and measuring cylinders , wine analysis glassware, wine test services and equipment , wine test kits fortitratableacid and free sulphur (so2) and more.There is not much we don’t sell, we even have 9 forms of wine samplers ( valenche ) in plastic, glass and s/steel to assist you with getting wine from the barrel to the glass or hydrometer cylinder…

A must have for any winemaker!

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