-Frequently asked questions.

Why should Cellar Plus be my first choice for  online shopping?

When buying products with Cellar Plus online, you can feel confident in knowing that you have the security and support of dealing with a company that has been established for 40 years. There is also the added benefit of having 2 showrooms that gives you the opportunity to contact our trained staff with any questions or assistance you may need. With our 2 handy locations you can also visit us to touch and feel products any time of the week. Even on Sundays during wine vintage. (Feb – April City Store only)

Shopping online is quick and easy, so you will have more time for making and drink beer with your mates , than shopping around.  We have it.. online or in store.



Why is it that Cellar Plus are always able to offer the best products and brands from around the world and still offer competitive prices?

Having forged strong relationships with our suppliers throughout the last 40 years, and being a tune to industry supply and demand, we pride ourselves on bringing you the most competitive prices possible. Listening to you, the customer, allows us to stay up to date with your needs.. As we also wholesale and supply other stores around Australia, we are able to buy bulk Container quantities and hold stock  through most periods of the year.


Why is buying from Cellar Plus online or one of the Cellar Plus Showrooms so easy?

We offer great products at better Prices.So, customers trust that if a product is stocked by Cellar Plus, means it has proved to be better than inferior brands stocked by our competitors relying only on cheapest price to get a sale.Customers trust us, our brands and staff , so they are confident paying for our products and support also online .

We are large enough to offer over 10,000 product line combinations and carry more stock when you need it.All year long.

Our Web store shares the same stock database as our retail showrooms, so as products are purchased by you online, the stock is allocated, so it can not to be sold off the floor minutes later and your order goes directly to the warehouse manager for shipping coordination and despatch.

All of our staff carry extensive industry experience and are active hobbyists or involved within the commercial arena.The business Owners see intense product training and awareness with staff paramount to achieving great customer satisfaction. If you need assistance with your next project, our staff are available to help you with great solutionsto ensure you get better results. While the advice is free .. we do offer 1 day Courses to allow more in depth information to be shared


What if the product I am after is out of season or stock?

As a distributor and retailer we try to keep most items on display throughout the year. If however, we are unable to supply within our normal delivery lead time, we will notify you immediately to make appropriate delivery arrangements.We may even be able to source item locally and ship with your other items or offer back order delivery ( price and freight to be confirmed with customer before despatch. )


Why do we support the culture of SLOW food and preserving products at home ?

Well simply, it tastes better! and of course it’s the opposite of all things FAST Food.You source produce when its at is peak flavour and preserve it, so you can enjoy these intense flavours all year round.(As we have many customers like you, who have turned their passionate hobby into a career.Its also worth, mixing it up when you at the next farmers market, and taste the organic difference.it will be hard to go back to the standard brands)

Slow food is about creating foods and beverages that offer the highest level of taste and maximum nutrients/goodness. By using simple fresh ingredients it will ensure your next D.I.Y recipe will be a great success. There are unlimited recipe ideas available to impress your friends when they next visit.

SO… the more people we inspire via our courses , the more people they will share their recipes with …and of course the more equipment we will need to supply… win – win for all…

Does Cellar Plus offer a product or service guarantee ?

YES .Both. Firstly our company has been for around 40+ years because we stand by our quality products and offer great customers service before and after the sale is made.

Where possible we first havethe customer explain their operation and offer our support in choosing the best alternatives that will satisfy their requirement and level of satisfaction. Most our brands are the best value in their class, so durable enough to go the distance . Most electrical items are backed by 1 year warranty in the home unless stated or clearance item*.

Where a product is used in a trade environment, the operator needs to understand and work unit within it design range.Plus, provide the required servicing to ensure it maintains its original performance. All warranties are considered return to base by customer to be inspected first by service dept, then evaluation given, before exchanged. Where faults found, return delivery is  covered by Cellar plus.Where supplier finds operator misuse, quote for repairs &delivery will be offered.While the manufacture has the final say,We will always attempt to resolve a positive outcome for our customers .