Sauce Making

The secret to any great food . is the sauce that carries all the different dimensions of flavour.

So , it’s a skill worth learning how to capture all that flavour of your produce when its seasonal ripeness is at its maximum, and to preserve It bottles to last all year round. It make sense, so give it a go this year, and you will not be able to go back to the shop stuff with all the unwanted extras..

So whether you grow your own produce at home , or go down to your local market to collect a few tomato boxes, you will find it’s a great hands on experience for all the family to be involved with.

Cellar Plus – has the complete range , from small hand setup to 3hp electric processors that will run all day. Along with the Pots, burners, paddles, filler, cappers, bottles and caps… and more to make the process simple.

The FLB — Fabio leonardi brand from Bologna — italy is still one of the best bench processor on domestic market as they are built in durable way and easy to operate. The Motor is a dry running gear box from 0.3 hp to 1.5 hp, so less issues than other oil geared brands and the nickel attachment with stainless steel accessories cleans up well and clicks onto the motor with a steel on steel shaft. ( unlike many these days are only plastic or aluminium) The FLB is the best value on the market and still at a affordable price. You will find processing your meat, tomatoes or cheese easier than any other model in its class.

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